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 Server announcements (Sa:MP 0.3C)

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MesajSubiect: Server announcements (Sa:MP 0.3C)   Vin Ian 28, 2011 1:01 pm

Versiunea finala 0.3c a aparut. Ca sa puteti intra iarasi pe server trebuie sa descarcati noul client de aici.
Link Download:

* A redesigned car license plate system
* Particle objects for effects like fire
* Includes new and re-worked models like hats and glasses which can be worn
* Includes new stunting objects and buildings
* Improved vehicle/object surfing
* The vehicle engines and lights can now be controlled by the server
* You can now passenger drive-by with almost any weapon
* Font colour changing in the chat and dialog boxes
* Quite a few server scripting improvements and bug fixes also
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Server announcements (Sa:MP 0.3C)
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